Mike C.
"Hiboutik is modern and its simplicity is what we expect from a POS software."
Carla R.
"A shopkeeper advised me to track my sales with Hiboutik and it is really great!"
Mary D.
Restaurant owner
"Hiboutik is fantastic because I can check sales reports wherever I am. I don't need to wait anymore to my staff feedback."
Elisabeth E.
"For my small shop, I was looking for a simple and economical priced solution, thank you Hiboutik."
Edward S.
Restaurant owner
"A complete POS software and an efficient customer service, I love Hiboutik. If only everything could be so easy."
Fabian R.
Sport shop seller
"I found Hiboutik by chance on the internet and I immediately knew it was the future in the management of a retail outlet. I am proud to be one of their first users."
Frederic T.
"Thanks to Hiboutik, I can now print receipts for my customers and it just takes minutes to track my sales."
Alexander P.
Bar manager
"I don't waste anymore valuable hours to make my end-of-day report when I close my store. Hiboutik has saved me lots of time."
Christopher L.
Vapshop seller
"I can track my sales both from my ipad and my mac, it's fantastic! I would recommend Hiboutik to anyone in retail."
Louise L.
"Hiboutik is updated automatically and I don't need to pay extra-fees for it. My POS software data is safe in the cloud. It is as simple as my Gmail account. "
Steven J.
Bar manager
"Hiboutik interface is easy for not so technically inclined staff. I like its user friendly layout!"
Victor D.
Pastry cook
"Now I can better track my sales and optimize my cakes production. Hiboutik has saved us money and time."
Valentina U.
Textile storekeeper
"I would recommend Hiboutik to any small shopkeeper, who doesn't want to waste time in administrative tasks."
Serge D.
Toys seller
"With my previous POS software, I have lost all my data after a crash disk on my computer. Now my data is safe in the Cloud, and I can retrieve it on any device."
Maxime W.
"To track my sales, I switch from my notebook to the real-time reports of Hiboutik! Two words: easy and efficient."
Julian X.
"My grandmother took only 5 minutes to handle Hiboutik POS software. It is really easy for everyone to use!"
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