Fashion boutique POS software

Hiboutik is the best cloud-based POS solution for any clothing retail business (including accessories and leather goods stores).

You can track your products into inventory, manage your size or color variants, create a unique reference by product or a generic product for a group of items. Each retailer can set up his account as he wants.

Hiboutik POS software is one of the most complete solution, you can :

  • manage barcodes and print labels automatically when you receive goods,
  • anticipate sale events and use discount prices,
  • manage returns/exchanges and print credits,
  • print receipts and tickets without price for gifts,
  • proceed stock-takes and value in seconds your inventory,
  • restock your shop from a warehouse and transfer products between stores…

and obviously all the basic features of any POS system: manage your petty cash, print your end-of-day report…

You can also increase customer retention with an efficient loyalty program. You customer earns points from products purchased, he can redeem on free products or discounts.

Complete reports give you all the relevant information to track your business with detailed synthesis by category, product, size, brand, hour, day, customer…

Easy to use and complete, Hiboutik free POS software is the system you need to manage your store.

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