Flower shop POS software

We know how flower shops are different. Some florist would prefer to track their sales in details (manage by flower references) and others would look for an easy solution with generic products (flowers, bouquets, foliage, plants, …).

Flowers are perishable and it can be difficult to track them into inventory, otherwise you can spend time and money to register inputs and losses. Nevertheless, for some products like accessories or plants it can be interested to track them in stock to optimize your purchases. Hiboutik software meets your needs and helps you run your entire flower shop more efficiently.

You can also manage your customers database in your Hiboutik account. You can assign a customer with a delivery address to a sale for all your phone and walk-in orders.
You can also set up a loyalty program to redeem you regular customers.

Hiboutik POS software can print receipts and invoices, manage your petty cash, display your end-of-day report that summarizes your daily sales. The check-out process is fast and efficient.
You can track your floral business with detailed reports, that help you anticipate your purchases.

The Hiboutik floral POS solution offers a full range of florist-specific tools (store credit, barcodes, prices update, price at the order…). Open a free account and try Hiboutik florist POS software now!

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