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Hiboutik POS software is ideal for any type of restaurant or bar. You can focus on your business and run your restaurant with the following features:

  • Customize your table layouts,
  • Link a table and place settings to an order,
  • Manage cooking options or add modifiers,
  • Apply Happy hour discounts,
  • Print kitchen tickets with detailed information,
  • Classify your order by dishes to manage your kitchen delivery process,
  • Create menus and special offers,
  • Split bills,
  • Accept multi-payments and customer credits ...

You can take orders directly from the tableside on your smartphone (with the Hiboutik mobile interface). It’s really easy to use. You send orders to the kitchen, print receipt at the desk printer, register payments and recover all your sales information on another terminal.

Hiboutik POS system is free for all these features. Save money and time and create now your Hiboutik restaurant POS software account.

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